FO Friday – Riverton Cowl

Once again I start another post with the weather – it’s an awfully grey and nasty day in Devon and I’m wearing my completed Riverton Cowl with pride! I finished it yesterday and blocked it this morning. It took a while to dry, but I can now wear it comfortably.

I have an awful headache today – I got told off by my doctor because I was drinking too much tea, and I am now suffering withdrawal symptoms! I am allowed three cups a day, and am definitely unhappy about the turn of events. Wonder-Mum has decided to detox with me, and she is being very chipper about the whole thing. The headache will come, just you wait mother…

Wearing my new cowl <3
Wearing my new cowl <3

Riverton Cowl

I chose the Riverton Cowl cos it had a fairly nice pattern that I thought might work well with my yarn. The yarn is a King Cole double knitting acrylic that I bought in about 2008. I used it for a bag, ripped it back because I hated it, and have had a go at making it into leg-warmers, socks, hand-warmers and a hat – it’s been frogged each time. I’m finally happy with this FO!

The yarn in a previous incarnation as a leg-warmer.
The yarn in a previous incarnation as a leg-warmer.

The pattern itself caused a bit of consternation. Part of the lace-work requires you to move the stitch-marker to ensure the pattern matches up. I’ve done a fair amount of lace before, but never one that involved this process, and I was so confused. I looked up in the comments of other Riverton Cowl pages and projects on Ravelry, and although a few people had mentioned this issue, the resolution was never mentioned.

Here’s the resolution, guys! I was concerned when I moved the marker one stitch into the pattern – how would there be enough stitches for me to match the pattern as written, as I’d just taken one away?! Of course, I’d forgotten that if I moved the marker one stitch in, although I lost one at the beginning of the round, I also gained one at the end so the stitch count remained the same. I had simply been counting incorrectly.

The Riverton Cowl, completed.
The Riverton Cowl, completed.

I ripped back that first row about eight times. I kid you not.

I’m glad I worked it out – the next time I do a lace pattern that is a bit similar to this, I will know, and I hope I can help someone else with this description!

Anyway that’s all for now – I’m going to go sit down and try forget my headache. I’ve finally cast on some socks for my April Resolutions – hurrah!

Much love,

Corrie xx

FO Friday with Tami's Amis


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10 Responses to FO Friday – Riverton Cowl

  1. Beth W. says:

    Feel better! Headaches are awful – no matter the cause. Love the cowl!

  2. Barbara says:

    Lovely cowl. Your persistence paid off!

  3. Carol says:

    Your Riverton Cowl looks great – nice job! It’s a pain to have to rip out knitting, but it pays off when you have something nice to show for it and I’m sure you will get to wear this a lot.

  4. Beth says:

    Beautiful cowl! I always look forward to seeing your FOs!

  5. Emily says:

    Soo cute! I have some of this same yarn, but in the pink colorway … I would’ve never thought to make a cowl with it!

  6. Some yarns are that way… it seems to have survived all of the ripping quite well. This finished project looks great.

    Hang tight… those caffeine headaches take about a week to get over. ;-)

  7. wonderwhygal says:

    That yarn looks really cute in that pattern.

  8. Jess says:

    Your cowl looks so cozy. I love it. Hope your headache goes away. I’m quite useless when they hit me and have to lay down.

  9. AllyB says:

    It’s always amazing to see how any given yarn knits up. Your cowl is beautiful. I really like the design of the pattern with the striping of the yarn. Nice job!

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