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Solomon’s Temple completed

Remember when Solomon’s Temple was visited by myself and John in the midst of a thunderstorm? No? You can read all about that here. I am extremely happy to say I have finished knitting a pair of socks using the … Continue reading

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Six years in making a patchwork blanket!

My gran and I started making a patchwork blanket long, long ago – I was enamoured by the idea of having loads of squares to sew together, and she enjoyed having easy garter stitch things to knit in front of … Continue reading

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Cath Kidston Project Bag

For Christmas a few years ago I got Sew! by Cath Kidston from one of my friends. I’ve made several projects from the book – but I hadn’t yet tackled the giveaway as I never seemed to have the time! … Continue reading

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Space Invader Mitts!

I thought that I ought to write up a blog about the Space Invader Mitts, as I have not mentioned them once, and they are probably the project I liked the most last year! I made these for JS, as … Continue reading

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Tetris Scarf is finished!

I am absolutely thrilled to say that the Tetris Scarf is finished – exactly fourteen days after I started it! Now that is hard work, if I do say so myself. I’m off to a spa this weekend, and cannot … Continue reading

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FO Friday – Campaign for Wool yarn

I’m really happy to show you pictures of my Campaign for Wool yarn for FO Friday. I finished it last weekend when Craft Boss was round, and it is now sitting on a cajon in the lounge waiting for a … Continue reading

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Kittylow is done!

I know, I know, I promised you a post yesterday, and now I’m late introducing you all to Kittylow. I was at Loop for Knit Night, got home an hour later than I planned (I got distracted by couscous in … Continue reading

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Baby Blanket is finished!

I promised I would write an FO Friday post yesterday, and intended to feature the Baby Blanket. Unfortunately for those grand plans, I ended up staying in the Netherlands for an extra day, so couldn’t do anything except eat waffles, … Continue reading

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When I was at a folk festival a couple of weeks ago, one of JS’ family friends saw me knitting his birthday socks and asked if I could make some Susocks – socks for his wife Sue! The criteria was … Continue reading

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FO Friday – Flowery Apron

I’m back in Kent for a few days, attending a doctors appointment and saying ‘bye to a friend who is emigrating to Australia…so I thought I’d show off the flowery apron that I made last week in Devon. I’ve also … Continue reading

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