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A few years ago a small black cocker spaniel puppy was brought into the family, and his charmingly foppish character and behaviour not dissimilar to a well-known British politician earned him the name of Boris. Fast forward a couple of … Continue reading

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Easy Needlecase Tutorial (and Giveaway) | Sewing

I made a super easy needlecase for my lovely friend Nadine, and filmed the process to show you how I did it! I talked about the original project in a previous post. This is the step-by-step tutorial as shown on … Continue reading

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Needlebook for Nadine | Sewing

Time for a break into some sewing, and a needlebook with a bit of freehand embroidery. With a big birthday coming up, my friend Nadine came over for a cuppa one evening and made a throwaway comment that got my … Continue reading

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Felt, Weaving, Harry Potter

I’ve been playing with felt this week! With a couple of other projects on the go, as well as preparation for Australia, my brother moving houseĀ and birthdays to plan for, I’ve been ridiculously busy. I don’t anticipate this state of … Continue reading

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Friday Round-up: sewing, sewing, spinning

This week has disappeared in a spiral of sewing and spinning – I’m so surprised it is already Friday! (I actually don’t think I know what day it really is? Monday?!)Anyway, with instant gratification something that I’ve been needing, as … Continue reading

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[Blogjacking] – needlework & sketching

I’ve been doing more needlework and sketching than normal in recent weeks – the former because my darling JS did some tidying and discovered some of my embroidery WIPs in a box that I emphatically denied any ownership over. Oops! … Continue reading

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Cath Kidston Project Bag

For Christmas a few years ago I got Sew! by Cath Kidston from one of my friends. I’ve made several projects from the book – but I hadn’t yet tackled the giveaway as I never seemed to have the time! … Continue reading

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Photography and knitting patterns

I’ve been trying to learn about photography, looking for knitting patterns and abusing my sewing machine, which is going to need a holiday. As a result, I haven’t actually knitted a single stitch for about a week, and I’m starting … Continue reading

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Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts Show – Part Two

You got all the information on specific for the Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts Show in Part One – now for Part Two, in which Corrie buys many of items that only includes one ball of yarn! Before you read this, … Continue reading

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[Blogjacking] – Advent Calendar

Happy December! I’ve been incredibly, incredibly busy the last few days. Christmas is getting scarily close for a crafter…I know a lot of people will be going “what, it’s not for another three weeks!!” If you’re a crafter, you understand, … Continue reading

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