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Spin all the things!

I have taken the time while I’ve been on knit-rest to do some sorting out, and am now starting to spin all the things! I’ve been doing a lot of YouTube videos rather than blog posts recently has been because even … Continue reading

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March Resolutions – a recap!

It’s a horrible day in Kent, so while I’m waiting for pages to load (have I ever mentioned that the internet here is absolutely RUBBISH?) I’m knitting hexipuffs. I’ve been on a massive hexispree the last few days. I think … Continue reading

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FO Friday – Wonder-Gran Socks & Resolution Yarn

I had a comment from someone the other day, following my WIP Wednesday post about wanting to finish a pair of socks for Wonder-Gran. They thought I was being extremely ambitious to knit a pair of socks in three days. … Continue reading

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Sherbert Yarn

I call the Sherbert Yarn a success! You know when February was being so awful to me, and then I decided to set up some resolutions for March which all involved spinning? One of my ambitions is to wheel-spin all … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday – Cheviot Yarn Attempt One

One of my March Resolutions was to “Wheel-spin all of my personally prepared Cheviot fibre.” I’ve so far managed two skeins of Cheviot Yarn, with my third set of singles resting on the bobbins. Hurrah. This has happened because of … Continue reading

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WIPW (12) – Towersey Shawl and fleeces

I’ve finished knitting the Towersey Shawl! I need to decide what else to move on to when I finish – I have a sock kit, and I also have my big tub full of Cheviot fleece which I need to card … Continue reading

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Sorting through Cheviot Fleece

When I ordered my spinning wheel, the lady who sold it to me sent me three fleeces, one of which was from a Cheviot sheep in her own flock. I’ve finally given up on spinning my Mudchute Farm fleece, from … Continue reading

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