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Durene Jones – cross stitch designer

Today I’d like to talk about Durene Jones. You may have never heard of her – until this morning, I hadn’t either. This post is a follow-up to my post from the other day about the hedgehog cross stitch that … Continue reading

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[BLOGJACKING] Harry Potter

If I were to talk about my new, Harry Potter project, Plutonium Muffins would soon be over-run with talk of the World’s Favourite Wizard. Instead, you’ll be pleased to know that in a joint project with one of my dearest … Continue reading

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Facebook Giveaway!

I am really pleased to announce that I now have 200 ‘likes’ on Facebook! Months and months ago I said that I would do a giveaway when this happened – so, here goes… Facebook Giveaway To enter the giveaway, go … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday – Boyfriend Socks

It was my gorgeous JS‘ birthday on Monday and I wanted to knit him a pair of boyfriend socks – similar to the boyfriend sweater but with fewer consequences, hopefully! I started out with Business Casual, and pretty quickly decided … Continue reading

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KCBWDAY4 – Colourful Corrie

Today’s challenge for Knit and Crochet Blog Week was to review your use of colour, and I discovered that I am one colourful Corrie! This didn’t come as too much of a surprise really, my Facebook and Twitter are always full … Continue reading

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April Resolutions Update

My internet is causing me so many problems that I’ve been trying to write this April Resolutions post for an entire day! My blogging is all done online so even writing the posts offline is impossible. My Facebook and Twitter … Continue reading

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Yarngate? I’m sure you probably have some idea of what this could be. You probably even have your own experience of a yarngate you have come across (if you are a knitter). Before I start, I would like to say … Continue reading

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Is this your knitting?

I’m feeling a bit tired and miserable (physically) today, so I’m not going to write a huge post. Famous last words! So instead, I have a question to ask, which as can be fairly guessed from the title of this … Continue reading

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The Funky Fur Takes Over

I was young, naive. Nineteen. I had only ever bought yarn from charity shops. And then, I walked into a shop that sold new yarn. And, funky fur. « Previous Towersey Shawl – more photos!   Next » Ev’ryday I’m hexipuffin’.

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The BDCH KAL progresses – yellow, done!

So, following @gingerbreadbun‘s success of finishing the second colour yesterday, I was spurred on and managed the same today! I’ve managed to sew some of the squares together, as JS and I watched the football tonight. I haven’t taken a … Continue reading

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